Infant And Toddler Music
In Early Childhood

We at early-childhood-info wish to provide a range of ideas for infant and toddler music experiences that you can offer whether it is your own child or other children that you are working with. Even very young children respond to music, a baby will begin to move to music, the toddler will try to copy a simple pattern, young children enjoy chanting and singing simple rhymes. By encouraging participation in music experiences we can begin to build the basis for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

Providing music for infants, toddlers and young children plays an important role in supporting a rich sensory environment that helps to develop the full potential of each child. Infant music helps to support language development, listening skills, social interaction and physical development, helping to develop all areas of a child's learning. By singing songs, dancing, playing musical games we construct opportunities for body awareness, communication skills, beginning to understand concepts and feelings, build confidence and encourage creativity.

toddler music Language is a vital part of communication and very early on children learn many different ways to communicate. Children need to be given opportunities to develop confidence in their abilities so music for infants and toddlers needs to give them opportunities to practice keeping a beat, playing with rhythm and rhyme and movement, singing, learning songs and rhymes from their own and other cultures.

Many music theorists have the belief that children are naturally musical before birth and that the toddler music experiences we provide for children should be based around the active participation of the child. They need to have fun and be able to play and participate at their level. We need to be able to provide those experiences for them, to join in with them, to allow the children time and space to practice and explore, to follow their lead. It doesn't matter if you can't sing in tune the important thing is to enjoy music and have fun with it.

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