Preschool Art Activities

When your children take part in preschool art activities it's great to be able to have a wide range of ideas available. At early-childhood-info we will share ideas for your preschool art projects or to use at home with your children. preschool art activities It is important to encourage children to experiment, explore and discover, to make use of a wide variety of resources and equipment.

The thing to remember when organising preschool art activities is that it is the process that is the important part, not the end product. Children need constant exposure to hands on experiences as this is how they learn best. Set up your preschool art projects to stimulate and provoke the children's interests without preset ideas of where these activities should lead, allow them to have a go, to explore the resources you have provided. Encourage the children to use their imaginations, don't show them how to do an activity, allow them to discover for themselves, let them make their own decisions. If they use an activity in a different way than you expected just go with the flow, even if the activity doesn't seem to be going the way you envisaged it would.

For your home or preschool activities source resources from a variety of places. Recycle and reuse your boxes, cans, paper, card, fabrics, collect natural materials such as shells, leaves, twigs, pine cones and stones. Make sure you have enough resources and variety for the preschool activities you want to do and the experiences you offer. Above all allow children the time to practice their skills, to explore and experiment freely and to discover for themselves. Through on-going observations, discover what the children know, think, feel, question, and wonder and use this knowledge to provide additional activities which extend and deepen the children's thinking.

Through art children can be creative, enhance their thinking and problem solving skills, practice their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination and become confident in their own ability. So please keep coming back to visit our site as we work to add ideas for a range of preschool art activities including painting, drawing, collage and crafts.

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