Early Childhood

Early childhood curriculum is everything that happens for a child. Because learning happens everywhere and all the time, the links children make help them build strong learning foundations for the future.

Whether the curriculum happens in the home or in an early childhood setting an important aspect of early childhood education is that it should be adaptable and flexible to suit the needs of the child.

Young children learn by doing, playing, touching, experimenting, choosing, talking, and negotiating. The whole world is a potential curriculum for the preschool child, and a curriculum should acknowledge and support the interests and early childhood activities that emerge from the daily lives of the children. early childhood activities The focus should be on ensuring that children experience an environment that will facilitate their learning of problem solving, refining social skills, gaining independence and fostering a disposition for the love of learning!!!

Early childhood activities, experiences and routines that the children take part in are potentially all learning experiences. By following the child's interests and allowing children to take part in a wide range of preschool activities and experiences we are providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to grow and develop, and to reach their potential.

At early-childhood-info our aim is to provide the best downloadable resources and ideas that support and enhance your programme. We will provide you with ideas for a range of early childhood activities that will enhance your work with children whether it is your child you are working with or someone else's.

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