Early childhood
cognitive development

What is cognitive development? In early childhood is refers to the process of children developing thinking skills and how they process, use and store the information they are confronted with on a daily basis.

Jean Piaget proposed a cognitive theory of development which was founded around his beliefs about how children process new information and how they view the world. He described four stages of development in relation to cognition, the first two of which are relevant to our work with preschool children. The sensorimotor stage of development is about children finding out about themselves and how they fit in the world through movement and exploring. During the preoperational stage children begin to use their imaginations to make sense of the world.

Our downloadable resources such as early childhood lesson plans will support you to provide activities to stimulate and provoke the children's interests and promote the child's construction of knowledge. We hope they will help you discover what the children know, think, feel, question, and wonder and use this knowledge to extend and deepen the children's thinking.

Providing opportunities for a variety of experiences and activities relevant to the stages of development in cognition will help children deepen their understanding of their world. It is about creating an environment that promotes and encourages children to explore and investigate.

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