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Welcome to our early childhood information site. We believe nothing is more important than working and being with children. It is hoped that you find the information on this site helpful in your endeavours and interactions with children. You will be able to find information such as early childhood themes, lesson plans, activities and other resources to enhance your interactions and work with children. This site will be really useful for parents, families, teachers and student teachers - in fact anyone who is wanting to support the development and learning of all children.

We have set up some information on a range of topics such as cognitive development, curriculum and having a career with young children. It is envisioned that we add more topics in time as we keep developing the site.

play in early childhood We have provided free downloadable resources for you to use. These include story pieces to use as board stories/magnet stories -just print, laminate and add a magnet, matching card games and bingo cards. We will be adding and building on these resources over the next while so keep visiting the site as these resources can be used to help you keep experiences, activities and events exciting and fun for all children.

So take some time to look around and use any of the free downloadable resources and ideas that you need or would like to use. Best wishes for your work with children - remember they deserve the best there is !!!

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